Different Types of Oil

You probably know that your car needs oil in order to run properly. However, did you know that there are different kinds of oil? Different kinds of cars need different kinds of oil. Do you know which kind your car takes?

Conventional oil is natural oil from the ground. It goes to a refinery, then goes into your car. Synthetic oil is designed in a lab to give the best possible performance for your engine. Synthetic oil has been chemically engineered, and has fewer impurities than conventional oil. It gives a superior performance to conventional oil, and does not need to be changed as frequently. However, synthetic oils are more expensive than conventional ones. Some engines require synthetic oil, but conventional oil is fine for many vehicles. There is also synthetic blend oil, which is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil. If you're not sure which oil your vehicle takes, don't worry; the experts in our service center do. We'll make sure your car runs like new for many years to come, so schedule an appointment with us today.

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