Suzuki U.S. Distribution decision ends new car sales for Dealers.

American Suzuki Motor Corp. on Monday November 5, 2012 announced it has immediately ceased distribution of new cars and trucks in the United States, but Savannah's only Suzuki automobile dealership, Vaden Suzuki, has no plans to reduce the size of its workforce. We will continue to sell through the remainder of our new Suzuki automobiles over the next few months and maintain the availability to service both new and used Suzuki's.

American Suzuki, based in Brea, Calif., is the sole distributor of Suzuki Motor Co. vehicles in the continental U.S.

The distributor, which began selling automobiles in the U.S. in the mid-1980s, announced on Monday November 5, 2012 that it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. While American Suzuki will no longer sell cars and trucks, it will continue to sell marine outboard engines, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.